Phone Campaign for HRes 128

ከግዜዎ 3 ደቂቃ ብቻ ወስደው በአካባቢዎ  ያሉትን የኮንግረስ ተወካይዎን  ስልክ በመደወል H. Res 128 የተባለውን የህግ ረቂቅ እንዲደግፉ ግፊት ያድርጉ። –

1)በመጀመሪያ በአካባቢዎ  ያሉትን የኮንግረስ ተወካይዎን  የሚከተለውን በመጫን ያግኙና ( ) ስማቸውን መዝግበው ይያዙ።

ተወካይዎ HRes128ን ኮስፖንሰር ማረጋቸውን ለማወቅ እዚህ ይጫኑ:

ተወካይዎ ኮስፖንሰር ካላደረጉ ወደ ቁጥር 2 ይቀጥሉ

2)ከዛቀጥሎ 202-224-3121 ይደውሉና 2ን ይጫኑ

  • -ወደ ተመራጩ ቢሮ ለመገናኘት ዚፕ ኮድ ሲጠየቁ የሚኖሩበትን Zip Code ያስገቡና ጥሪው ሲመለስልዎ የሚከተሉትን ይናገሩ።

YOU: Thank you for taking my call. My name is __________and I am calling from congressman/congresswoman ____’s DistrictI am calling to respectfully request the representative to cosponsor H.Res 128 supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.

  • This important resolution condemns the killing of peaceful protesters and excessive use of force by Ethiopian security forces and urges all armed factions to cease their conflicts and engage in peaceful negotiations.
  • I plan on monitoring the resolution and Congressman/Congresswoman_____________ ’s Cosponsorship. If possible, could your office inform me of the congressman/congresswoman’s decision on cosponsoring the resolution and their reasoning?
  •  As I mentioned before, this is an important resolution that brings to light the human rights abuses that are being perpetrated on the many innocent civilians living in Ethiopia
  • Thank you for taking my call and passing along my concerns to congressman/congresswoman________