Statement on Ethiopian Regime’s Misinformation Campaign On H. Res 128


February 28, 2018

Re: Ethiopian Regime’s Misinformation Campaign On H. Res 128

Ethiopian Advocacy Network (EAN) and Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) would like to bring to our people’s attention a misinformation campaign aimed at thwarting the momentum of our efforts to pass H. Res 128 in the US House of representatives.

It has come to our attention a high level misinformation campaign which has the hand print of the tyrannical regime in Addis is circulating false rumors to distract our people including.

  • Deadline is postponed till March 4th
  • State department has rejected H.Res 128
  • Both houses just passed the bill
  • UN has refused to send their team to Ethiopia

It goes without saying all of the above are lies fabricated by paid agents of a desperate regime.

Today the time given to the regime to respond ends, the next step will be for the U.S. House of Representatives to schedule H.Res 128 for a floor vote.

We would like to emphasize the efforts of Ethiopian-Americans at the grass roots calling, emailing and meeting your representative in Congress should continue without let up until the final vote is counted. It’s imperative that Ethiopian-American grass roots activists continue calling, emailing & meeting with their representatives until the final vote count.


Please check www. and our face book page, as we will post updates regularly. If you have any questions please send an email to

Click here to read in PDF PRESS RELEASE – WARNING


  1. There is no human rights in Ethiopia.
    Intact there is no freedom at all.
    If i write whatever Ethiopian government is doing to Ethiopians ,a book of 300 pages will be surely too small to write all istory. That’s what brings our people on street to fight for freedom peacefully, but Ethiopian dictatorship government has killed hundreds of thousands, arrest, torches, displayed millions, to silence freedom fighters and called Ethiopian people criminals, so an so…
    Remember when a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an out law.
    We have been subjected to slavery for decades but that should only give us more and more hunger for the desire of our much wanted freedom.
    Is it not best to die than to be a prisoner everyday of you life?
    Are we not yet tired of mourning for our loved ones every morning?
    Innocent brothers and sisters killed in their homes.thousands destroyed by the hands of this terror regime.This regime won’t stop killing our loved ones if we oppose them or cooperate. Is it not then heroism to die while fighting them instead of been killed hiding under your bed. It is then up to us to remain slaves indefinately or break out of our chains and fight to be free to our last man or die trying. At least your soul will rest free if you die trying to free your self.We have been denied the right to education and subjected to remain illeterate for many years but should we then become hopeless, give up our lives and allow our women and men alike to be bedroom servants of our masters. Hell no.In fact this ignorance should be the reason to make us more and more strong in the struggle and our fight for freedom because war is the only option to obtain total peace in a situation where all your diplomatic efforts in seeking democracy fails. I therefore call upon you to stand with Ethiopia and Ethiopians to save our country from batting removed of global maps, and remove human right abusers.
    Or else we don’t have other option rather than Standing shoulder by shoulder as one and fight for the true democracy equality and freedom. That’s is the only choice we have at this time . We will Fight, because we don’t have any other option other than to fight. We will fight our oppressors. We will Take the war to their doorsteps and hit them hard. because any one who denies you freedom doesn’t deserve to live free. We will Free ourselves or cease to exist. We will still Remember united we stand , divided we always fall.
    We will Expose ourselves to our deepest fear. after that fear has no power. So Ethiopian government is not doing anything else for people rather than just pretending to look like Democratic government on global media. The world has to stand with Ethiopians before it’s even too late.
    Kamaal Aloo

  2. Help us get rid of the barbaric TPLF, which has ruled Ethiopia by brute force where people demanding for the rule of law and protection of thier political, economical and socia. rights are severely tortured, imprisoned and killed.

  3. With all you respact please help our people’s by passing HR128,antherwies the current government called TPLF,is NOT gonna stop killing our innocent ppl,thank you..

  4. The so called “TPLF Government” is not acting as government but they are known Mafia, they have to be replaced by real Ethiopians who have respect for their own people and know how to govern.

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